Skydiving for Jacob’s Ladder Appeal

Monday, June 26th, 2017


On the 17th June 2017, Bro. Philip E.Rees, a member of the very apt named lodge Celtic Eagle No.9132, very bravely jumped out of a plane flying at 7,000 feet over Swansea.


Bro. Philip has very kindly donated any sponsorship money or donations received for this adventure to the ‘Jacobs Ladder Fund’, which is attempting to raise £75,000 for the supply and installation of 3 lifts at the Swansea Masonic Hall. The lifts will enable the less able brethren to access the Masonic Hall without assistance.

All the Swansea Lodges will receive a letter outlining the event and requesting their support not only for Jacobs Ladder, but in remembrance of a very brave sky dive from Bro. Philip.

We are hoping that each lodge will donate something in the order of £1 per head on behalf of each of their members. If, however, a lodge would like to donate more, then we would be pleased to accept it.

Well done Philip!