In recent years it has become apparent that an increasing number of our Brethren are finding it extremely difficult to negotiate the steps/stairs leading to the main entrance and more particularly the temples and committee rooms on the first floor of the Masonic Hall in St Helens Road Swansea.

Over the years, there have been many discussions held and proposals put forward in relation to the installation of an elevator, or passenger lift which have subsequently led to feasibility studies and costing exercises. The outcomes of these studies have been given serious consideration by the Swansea Masonic Hall Company, but due to financial constraints have not had access to sufficient funds to be able to instigate a programme of work.

In order to try and find a solution to this problem we have decided to form an independent committee, the sole aim of which will be to set up and administer a fund for the installation of an elevator and associated platform lifts at St Helens Road. The committee will be made up of the following Brethren, W Bro Phillip Robbins (Chairman), W Bro Timothy Clark (Treasurer), W Bro Keith Morris (Secretary), W Bro Brian Phillips (Technical Advisor), along with W Bro Michael Coombes, W Bro John Gethin Morgan and W Bro Jeffrey Joseph (Fund Raising Managers). It should also be noted that the project has the endorsement of the Deputy Provincial Grand Master V W Bro Roy Woodward and he has gracefully agreed to accept the position of President.

The aim of the Jacob’s Ladder Committee will be to raise sufficient funds to install and commission a fully operational elevator and associated platform lifts which will convey Brethren from the ground floor to first floor and also assist with wheelchair access to the main entrance and the stairs leading to the Major Temple.

The estimated time frame for this project is of course dependent upon the success of our fund raising, but is estimated to be within 3 years and will incorporate all associated costs from inception through to installation.

Initial studies indicate that a figure in the region of £75,000.00 will be necessary to deliver a successful outcome to this project and therefore we clearly have some challenging fund-raising ahead. As you know, the only way to fund such a project is from within and in so doing we will be able to provide an access facility that we can all be justly proud of and one which future generations of Freemasons will be able to use regardless of age or physical capability.

It is our belief that we will only deliver a successful outcome to this project with the support of every lodge and their respective members?

In order to ensure a successful outcome it would be beneficial if every lodge in Swansea could support the project, firstly by nominating a member to act as their Jacob’s Ladder Representative and secondly by making the following financial commitment:

Craft Lodges

MembershipInitial ContributionAnnual ContributionTarget Contribution
20 – 30£500.00£300.00£1,400.00
30 – 40£650.00£350.00£1,700.00
40 – 50£800.00£400.00£2,000.00

Side Degrees

Initial ContributionAnnual ContributionTarget Contribution

This is not intended to be a mandatory requirement, simply a guide as to the range of contributions necessary to ensure a successful outcome. It is conceivable that some lodges will be in a stronger financial position than others and therefore able to contribute more.

Thank you in advance for your wonderful support

Sincerely & Fraternally,
The Jacob’s Ladder Committee